Astrology: Know the amazing benefits and facts of keeping peacock feathers at home

Astrology: Know the amazing benefits and facts of keeping peacock feathers at home, peacock feather, #ekaansh, #ekaanshastro, ekaansh blog post
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The Peacock feather is a symbol of Navagraha. By putting the peacock feather at home, we get auspicious results. So let’s know the benefits of peacock feathers. Peacock feathers have had a special place in Hindu religion since mythological times, whether it is to apply peacock feathers on the crown of Lord Krishna or the writing of texts from peacock feathers by sages.

Keeping peacock feathers in the home not only shows religious importance but also brings happiness and prosperity. Keep peacock feathers in such a place in the home from where it is easily visible to all the people. Because peacock feather not only eliminates the negative energy present in the home but also provides positive energy.

If any calamity comes upon you, then you should put peacock feather in the southeast direction of the bedroom. Putting peacock feathers in the southeast of the home brings happiness. If a person keeps peacock feathers with him at all times, then he is saved from being inauspicious and he is also not affected by “Rahu-Dosha”. By wearing a peacock feather on the head, knowledge is attained. Students can take advantage of this by placing a peacock feather in the middle of their books.

If your work related to money is stuck or you are facing a lack of money in the house, then you should get the peacock feather established in the temple of Radha Krishna. After worshiping regularly for 40 days, keep that peacock feather in the safe or locker in your home. All your work will start getting done.

Keep in mind that nowadays many people also sell fake peacock feathers. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you keep only real peacock feathers at home, only then you will be able to get its benefits.

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