Colors that Men love on Women

Women love fashion and also women love to wear variety of colors with different combinations. But you might be interested to know that there are certain colors which men really like on women. So let us talk about these colors.


Black color is the basic color which every women love to wear. This is the color which implies sexiness, sophistication and class, all these wrapped in one single color.


Red color signifies love. Also loved by men. This color implies boldness, confidence, sex appeal and femininity.


White color implies a clean, classy and pure look.

Bright Blue

Bright blue color is one of the most favourite color of men. Blue is not the color of women but still men love to see their women in bright blue color.


Pink color implies softness and flirty-ness. It is also considered as a feminine color.


Cream color also works just as white color. It soft, pure and delicate. Men love this color because it conveys your innocence.

Teal blue

Teal blue also works just as bright blue. Men love all shades of blue on their women. Teal, turquoise are some of the colors which attract men most.

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