Detox your body by 5 ways

There are many ways to detox your body. It is very important and necessary to detox your body regularly. So here we are going to discuss some ways in which not only you can detox your body but also you can lose your weight.

Avoid processed foods and sugar

Start saying a big no to all kind of fast foods, bread, cake etc.

Take fresh fruits and vegetables

Start your day with a bowl of mix fruits, soup or smoothies.

Great intake of fluids in your diet.

You should take atleast 4 litres of fluid in a day. It may be plain water, lemon water, vegetable soup or any kind of fresh fruit juices. Be careful not to use any packed juices.

Include fibres in your diet

It will help your food to digest easily and quickly. Try to include food made from fermentation in your diet.

Replace wheat with whole grains

Instead of having wheat start using whole grains. It will help your body to detox.

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Disclaimer: Recommendations and suggestions above are generic in nature. Be advised to consult a certified trainer or another professional before trying yourself.


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