Do bra causes breast cancer

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Every young girl or woman wear bra. But do you know that due to not wearing the correct size bra, you may suffer with serious illness including cancer. Today we are going to discuss all of these stuff.

Women and young girls wear bras to support their breast. If you wear the right size bra then your breast will develop in right shape. It is often seen that after having a wedding or a baby, there is a change in the size of women’s breasts. But up to 80% women wear their old bra. Due to which, her breast ceases and do not developed properly.

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If your breast has increased and your bra is very tight then due to this it effects the blood circulation in your breast. It directly affects your breast. It has also been seen that such young girls and women whose breast size is small, they wear padded bra rather than cotton bras. It also has direct impact on your breast.

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It is true that the breast is an important contributor to the beauty of women, but women should also realize that their beauty is not above their health. The excessive use of underwear bra should also be reduced. However, let us tell you that in any research so far it has not been proven that wearing a wrong size bra may lead to a fatal illness like cancer. Do comment on what you have to say in this regard.

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