How to impress a person you like?

Are you looking to impress a person you like and become lovable? We are here providing some tips that you follow to impress and liked by them.

Have your own life
You take their opinion to take a decision or ask them to give some suggestions or feedback to your activities. This will make them feel special as you are giving them importance in your decisions. That does not mean you ask foolish questions, this will lead to irritation. For e.g. You can ask them for selecting any outfits, ask for best restaurant in the town, or even invite for lunch.

Have an interesting hobby
You can develop an interesting hobby, it gives you an upper edge to impress the person you like. For e.g. you can play guitar, sing a song, cook some food etc.

Have great hygiene
You must have to maintain your hygiene. You have to always be in presentable. You can do shampoo or put deodorant onto your body, but it does not mean you bath with it. Use it in decent way.

Ask them to do things for you
Ask them to do something for you. It’s a bit strange, but scientifically prove that if you ask them to do some work especially for you, then it will become saved in their subconscious mind and you will be liked by them. You don’t have to restrict at once. You ask them to do work for you on the repeated basis. This is a consistency bias. For e.g. you can ask them to book a ticket to show for you. Make sure that you must be in limit and don’t be done in excess. This will lead to the negative impression.

Make her laugh
Everyone wants to laugh and remain happy. You can crack a joke but remember no unfunny jokes. This will create an impression that you are an intellectual and strong personality and humorous in nature.

Be her/his friend
You must understand a difference between be her/his friend or being in their friend-zoned. Practically you are in the halfway in your task. Now you have to send some reminders to them on daily basis like text good morning, drop a message or you can start dating with them as well. It will increase your subconscious presence in their life.

Break the touch barrier
You have to take an initiative to break the touch barrier. You can do handshake or shoulder touch. Your touch should be in a unsexual way and to make her/him comfortable. If she/he scars then don’t touch them again.

Tell the secrets
The next step is to share the secrets. Everyone has so many secrets in their life, you can share some of with them. It will increase the trust in you. Remember sharing the secrets does not mean you will share your banking passwords, credit/debit cards details or any such financial information. Only share those secrets which you don’t tell to everyone, it will open the door for you in their life. They will think more about you. Always remember “Sometimes we do not trust the person we love but we always love the person we trust”. Don’t share any secret if there is a chance that the person will reveal it in front of anyone else.

Give them your whole attention
It is highly valuable to pay attention to someone. It is one of the precious things that you can give to anyone nowadays and it will increase your respect in their life. You just try to feel them special.

Beep up your confidence game
Be more interactive, self-aware and always works hard for self-improvement. You will work out for these things on regular basis. You will have to adopt these practices and try to implement it on 3 or more days per week for better results.

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Disclaimer: Recommendations and suggestions above are generic in nature. Be advised to consult a certified trainer or another professional before trying yourself.


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