How to wireless connect your smart phone to laptop or computer?

Well, this is one of the needs for everyone in today’s scenario to connect your smart phone directly to onto your laptop or computer wireless and transfer the data in between them. Today I’ll tell you the process through which you can easily connect your mobile to your laptop.

This is a wireless connection in between devices for this you will have to install an app onto your mobile name airmoreweb from google play store, then just install the app. After installation, it will ask you to whether to establish a connection over WiFi or Mobile Hotspot. Select any of the preferred networks, then it needs a QR code to scan if your phone does not contain any QR Code scanner app just simply install any one of them for google play store.

Now open the onto the browser of your laptop, then a QR code is appearing on your screen just scan this code from your mobile and Bingo! A wireless connection has already been established between your mobile and laptop. You can now share or download pictures, music, video, messages or even your app too.

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