International Yoga Day (#IYD 2021): Tips to keep your kids healthy!

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We often tell our children about many good habits. At the same time, they imbibe those habits in their life too, but sometimes some mistake also happens. Today we are going to tell you about some such good habits and tips which will keep the body and mind healthy of the children.

  • Motivate the children that whenever they come into the house from outside, they must wash their hands. Apart from this, inculcate the habit of washing hands before eating anything.
  • Kids like junk food or fast food a lot. Sometimes it is okay, but on the insistence of children, parents often give them junk food every second day, which is not good in any way for the health of your children in the long run. Try to avoid it.
  • Inspire your kids for outdoor games too. However, in view of the threat of COVID-19, parents are not sending their children outside the home, which is a good initiative, but they should also involve them in games other than mobile phones at home so that they can also have physical workouts.
  • Get your children used to getting up in the morning. Also, motivate them to do yoga and meditation. It is very useful for their physical and mental health.

On behalf of the entire team of #ekaansh blog, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, we wish you all a healthy and happy life.

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Disclaimer: The information, recommendations, and suggestions mentioned here are generic in nature. We advised you to consult a registered, certified trainer or professional before applying it.


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