Unfortunate to sell these items from home

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We sometimes sell some items from our homes. But do you know that many times you sell your fortune or happiness and prosperity with those things. Today we are going to tell you which items should never be sold from your home.

1. If you have raised a cow in the house, then its milk should not be sold. You can drink the milk of your home cow or you can give it to someone without taking any price but you cannot sell it. If you want to do the work of selling milk, then you should open a cattle shed.

2. Never sell the oil kept in the kitchen of the house to anyone. You can give oil to someone for worship or for charity.

3. Never sell red colored clothes present at home. It is said that if you sell your red clothes to someone, then you also sell your happiness with them.

4. Never sell salt to anyone from home. You can donate or take salt from the kitchen of the house to anyone without any cost.

5. Never sell the jaggery present in your house to anyone. You can give food to a hungry person but you cannot sell it.

6. Even food cooked in the kitchen of the house should not be sold to anyone. Such a reason is inauspicious. You can feed a hungry person.

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