What your thumbs reveals about your intelligence!

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The lines on your hand tell a lot about your future. But do you know that the thumb of your hand also tells a lot about your personality and future. Today we are going to tell you about this.

You must have seen that the fingers of your hands are in three parts whereas your thumbs are in only two parts. The lower part of the thumb tells how intelligent the person is, while the upper part of the thumb shows his seriousness towards his life and work.

If the upper part of someone’s thumb is smaller than the lower part, then such a person is considered very intelligent and alert. Such a person performs very well in his life. And takes all his decisions carefully.

If we talk about the right and best thumb, then it should neither be more flexible nor too hard. The length of the thumb should also be up to the first part of the index finger of your hand. A person with such thumb is considered very powerful and intelligent.

Any person whose thumb is hard, hard and straight, then that person is believed to be firm in the principles in his life. Such people are also positive minded.

Anyone whose thumb is not smaller than his fingers, those people lead the society. Such people can also become leaders. Their nature is very attractive.

People who have small thumb on their hand are unable to make decisions. Such persons also do not get success in love. Such people also believe in what others have heard.

People whose thumbs are thick from above, they remain adamant about their decisions. Whereas the people whose thumb is square, they are of very expensive nature.

Those people whose thumb does not bend, they are of a very harsh nature. Such persons cannot accept change. Whereas those whose thumbs easily turn back, such a person easily adapts himself to any situation. Such people are very kind. We hope that you will find the information given by us interesting.

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