Why does the bride sit on the mandap to the left of the groom?

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In Hinduism, everyone must have seen many wedding ceremonies. Also, it must have been seen that the bride always sits to the left of the groom. But have you ever thought that why does the bride sit on the left side of the groom and not on the right? Let us tell you today why is it like this?

Actually, in the Hindu religion, the rituals of “phere” (seven rounds) in the marriage have the most importance. At the time of marriage, the bride sits to the left of the groom. Hence the bride is also called “Vamangi”. In fact, according to astrology, the right part of a man’s body and the left part of a woman’s body is considered auspicious and holy.

That is why in religious rituals, Kalawa is always tied on the right hand of men and on the left hand of women. Similarly in palmistry also the right hand of a man is seen while the left hand of a woman is seen.

According to astrology, the left side of a man body is a symbol of his creativity while the right part is a symbol of his deeds. That is why being on the left side of a woman shows a sweet love relationship and creativity while being on the right side of a man shows that his wife is with him in every auspicious work and deed.

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