Why protein rich diet is essential for us

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Protein is one such element which our body needs a lot. Protein is very important in our body for proper processing of hormones, enzymes, muscles, skin, blood and tissues. Taking protein in right amount makes the body strong. The function of high-quality lean protein is to reduce cholesterol in the body, which does not cause heart-related diseases and also controls blood pressure. If the protein is present in the right amount in the body, then there is no hunger again and the weight remains under control. Therefore, the amount of protein in your diet must be maintained.

Protein Deficiency Symptoms

  • If there is a lack of protein in the body, then the formation of fluid in the joints will also stop, due to which there will be stiffness in the joints and there will be pain in the muscles.
  • Due to lack of protein, there is a lack of white blood cells in the body, due to which the immunity of the body decreases and the person starts falling ill very quickly.
  • Due to the lack of protein, there is a lack of glucose in the body, due to which one starts feeling tired quickly and also starts feeling hungry again and again.
  • Due to lack of protein, hair and nails also start getting damaged.

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