Why do people consume Tobacco

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Everybody knows that tobacco kills even then many of us are habitual of it. So what is the main reason behind the intake of tobacco by many of us? Let us try to understand about the main reasons of taking tobacco too much by certain people.

Most people smoke for their stress relief. Some also smoke for their pleasure or just to show their braveness or boldness, in their words, to others. Social compulsion is also one of the reasons for smoking or tobacco intake. Just because one of your friends is a chain smoker he compels you to start it.

Poverty is also one of the cause for this. Some other reasons for tobacco eating or smoking are lack of proper education, mental illness or to postpone sleep.

While smoking no one thinks about its bad effects on health. Let us talk about some of its bad effects on health. A cough, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, RA and erectile dysfunction. It also increases acidity which breathing problem, birth defects and gum problem.

Though smoking is harmful to health even nobody thinks about the after effects of it while consuming it. Smoking is not only harmful to health but also it damages brain and lungs.

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