Zodiac: What colors you should wear?

Colors play a very vital and important role in the human world. It affects our thinking process, nature, and behavior. Each color is having its own significance. Colors are categorized under various categories like bright, dark, light, soothing, etc. Color choices are based on our zodiac sign. Different people choose a different color.

# Aries
Aries is ruled by Mars. The color is Red while it is preferable if you wear pink color this year.

# Taurus
Taurus is ruled by Venus. The color is Garnet. The color you can prefer this year Blue, Turquoise, Green, and Cream.

# Gemini
The Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Green is the color. The suggested colors are White, Pale Green, and Green. Go with green outfits on every Wednesday.

# Cancer
The Cancer is ruled by Moon. It is preferable if you wear White, Cream and Baby Pink this year. Shades of Blue will be the luckiest, especially on Monday.

# Leo
The Leo is ruled by Sun. The colors are Orange and Yellow. It is good if you go with Pink, Golden and Orange color this year.

# Virgo
The ruling planet is Mercury. Your colors are Gold, Pink, Peach, Cream, and Green. Try to avoid Black and Grey shades this year.

# Libra
Libra is ruled by Venus. The colors are Black, Grey, and Green. The preferable colors are Violet, Royal Blue, and Baby Pink will strength their luck.

# Scorpio
Scorpio is ruled by Mars. The color is Red. The suggested colors are Black, Brown, and Grey. On Tuesday Maroon and Deep Red for enhancement of luck.

# Sagittarius
This is ruled by Jupiter. The color is Royal Yellow. It is preferable to wear Purple, Violet, Lilac and Blue colors. On Thursday wear Yellow.

# Capricorn
The ruling planet is Saturn. The colors are Dark Blue and Black. It is lucky to wear Grey, Black, and Blue on Saturday.

# Aquarius
This is ruled by Uranus. The colors are Blue and Electric Blue. Please avoid wearing Red this year.

# Pisces
The ruling planet is Jupiter. It is preferable to wear Red and Rose Pink. Try to avoid Light Blue, Sky Blue, and Turquoise in this year

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