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Human beings are recognized because of their living habits, personality, character, and speech or wordings. But do you know that whatever clothes/outfits we carry, also affect our life! Therefore it becomes absolutely necessary that we’ll be careful while wearing clothes.

Every person wears clothes according to his/her choice. But today we are going to tell you about wearing clothes according to astrology. Not all types of clothes or colors are auspicious for everyone. In such a situation, you should take special care while carrying any outfits.

First of all, let us tell you that you should never wear torn old clothes. Some people do not throw away their old clothes even when they are torn but continue to wear them. By doing this, they do their own harm because according to astrology it is believed that that person will be surrounded by diseases.

One should never wear outfits/clothes worn by others. Even if you belong to the same family, you should avoid wearing the clothes of others. Doing so can also affect your personality and character.

Never wear burnt clothes. If your clothes are burnt due to any reason, you should not wear such clothes. No matter how valuable it may be.

Do not wear new clothes immediately after taking bath. Because according to astrology, immediately after the bath, only those people wear new clothes who have done rituals or last right. To solve this, you can try the outfits/clothes first any day and then wear them after bathing.

Avoid wearing black-colored outfits/clothes. Actually, the black color is a symbol of evil forces. That’s why you should wear a black outfit minimum. If you are suffering from the “Mahadasha” of Shani then you can wear black outfits on Saturday.

Donate old clothes. If Shani’s Dasha is going on you, then you should donate your old clothes. By doing this, the effect of Dasha on you will be reduced.

Always wear clean clothes. Those who are very angry, then they should wear red or pink clothes. Children who are weak in studies should wear green clothes.

Disclaimer: The information, recommendations, and suggestions mentioned here are generic in nature. We advised you to consult a registered, certified trainer or professional before applying it.

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