Competition for children and parents at I-Kids

A competition program was organized on 15 February 2023 by the famous pre school Incredible Kids of Haridwar city. Children and parents participated enthusiastically in this competition.

Mrs. Preeti ji, head of Incredible Kids, welcomed Mrs. Shipra and Nikhil Ranjan ji as chief guests in the program. Along with this, he told that organizing such programs is very important for the all-round development of young children. He also shared information about various courses being run at Incredible Kids.

Mrs. Shipra ji present in the program encouraged the enthusiasm of the children participating in the competition. Mr. Nikhil Ranjan, Senior Program Coordinator, NIELIT Haridwar gave parenting tips to parents and children. He said that in view of today’s time, we should also prepare children to handle failure.

At the end of the program, the winners of the competition and all the participants were awarded with certificates.


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