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Dreams have their own world. Every person has some dream while sleeping. Dreams have special significance in Hinduism too. Some dreams are comforting to the heart, while some give intuition about the troubles going to be faced by the person in life. Many of us want to know about dreams and their secrets. We are going to start a series of telling you about these secrets and today its first part is presented.

1 If a person sees a temple in his dream, then it is a good sign. Good or auspicious work will be done by you.

2 If a person sees a church in a dream, then you will have infinite peace in your personal life.

3 Seeing Gurudwara in dream is also auspicious. This is a sign of increasing your knowledge.

4 If a mosque or a tomb is seen in your dream, then it indicates the possibility of trouble or some evil in your life.

5 If you see curd in your dream, then this auspicious sign proves to be fruitful.

6 Seeing tea is also an indicator of an increase in luxury.

7 Whereas seeing water is a sign of suffering in your life.

8 Seeing milk brings wealth.

9 Coffee is an indicator of increase in your honor.

10 But if you see Cold Drink or juice, it indicates a conflict in your future.

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Disclaimer: The information, recommendations and suggestions mentioned here are generic in nature. We advised you to consult a registered, certified trainer or professional before applying it.

Dream decoded: Know all about the dream and its secrets! Part-1

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