Dreams Decoded: Seeing solar eclipse in dream is auspicious or inauspicious! Part-3
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Dreams have their own world. Every person has some dream while sleeping. Dreams have special significance too. Some dreams are comforting to the heart, while some tell the sound of troubles coming to the person in life. Many of us want to know about dreams and their secrets. We have started a series for you to tell about the secrets related to dreams and today its third part. Today we will tell you about significance of seeing a solar eclipse in your dream.

Let us tell you that if you have seen a solar eclipse in your dream, then it comes under the category of a nightmare and considered as inauspicious. When the solar eclipse is seen in dream, there is a sign of negative energy in your life. This is also an indicator of your lack of confidence. Job professionals may face obstacles in the workplace. There may be an arguments/disputes with colleagues too. Socially, your honor and respect may be at stake.

There can be home conflicts in the family. Anyone can insult you. It can also have a bad effect on your health too. Traders may lose money.

Remedy: Start worshiping Lord Surya. Give the “arkha” to the sun. Donate as much charity as you can. Keep in mind that always give donations to such a person who is really entitled to get the donation, otherwise your donation will not be fruitful.

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Dreams Decoded: Seeing solar eclipse in dreams is auspicious or inauspicious! Part-3

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