Very soon there will be a big change in your kitchen. Yes, we are talking about new LPG cylinders coming in the market. These colourful cylinders will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. So let us know about this new LPG cylinder as well as benefits related to it.

Last year Hindustan Petroleum (HP) Company had ordered 5000 new design LPG cylinders and now these cylinders have been received by the company. The important thing about these cylinders is that they are made of polyvinyl plastics. Due to this, they are very lighter in weight and it is claimed that the danger of the rupture or bursting of these cylinders is almost none.

Due to being polyvinyl plastics in these cylinders, these are translucent, so that you will also know the level of gas present in it. Currently, these cylinders are available in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg weights.

At present, the Hindustan Petroleum Company has started a pilot project for Ahmedabad and Pune. If it remains successful, then the company will start it all over the country and other companies will also be going to join it.

To get this LPG cylinder you will have to pay around one thousand rupees along with the old gas cylinder to your dealer. After that, the supply of this gas cylinder will start at your place.

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How to get new LPG cylinders and what its benefits
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