Importance of Har Ki Pauri in Hinduism

Haridwar is one of the most mythological and religious places in Hindu religion. Every Hindu must have heard the name of Har Ki Pauri at Haridwar. It is believed that on Har Ki Pauri, a drop of ambrosia had fallen down. The place where this drop was dropped, that place was called Brahmakund.

Every year millions of pilgrims from various part of the country along with foreign countries had come to receive the blessings of the holy Ganges. It is one of the best weekend gataway for the people nearby NCR region. Haridwar is the place from where the river Ganga leaves the mountainous area and goes towards the plains.

Ganga Aarti has a great significance in Har Ki Pauri. Ganga aarti has done everyday in evening at Brahmakund. This view of the holy activity is very captivating and pleasant.

Bathing at Har Ki Pauri is also had great importance. It is said that if you take a bath at Brahmakund, your sins would completely destroy.

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