International Yoga Day (#IYD 2021): How to stay healthy amidst the dangers of COVID-19

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At present, the whole world is fighting the global pandemic of COVID-19. The second wave of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in India too. In such a situation it becomes very important that we take care of our health and that of others. Today we are giving you the information related to it.

  • Bring your life in regular or discipline. Often we see that a person sleeps late or wakes up late in the morning which adversely affects your physical health. So make a habit of getting up early in the morning. Apart from this, make it a habit to do aerobics and exercise in the mornings.
  • You should never let the lack of water in your body. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. This will not only keep your body hydrated, and will also remove toxins from your body.
  • Make a habit of doing yoga and meditation regularly. Along with keeping you healthy, it will also keep you full of energy.
  • It is often seen that a person is not getting enough sleep. For this reason, also your health can be disturbed. That’s why a person should take full sleep.
  • The most important thing in a person’s life is his family. Therefore, you must take some time out of your daily routine for your family as well. Only then your body and mind will be happy.

On behalf of the entire team of the #ekaansh blog, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, we wish you all a healthy and happy life.

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Disclaimer: The information, recommendations, and suggestions mentioned here are generic in nature. We advised you to consult a registered, certified trainer or professional before applying it.


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