Revealing some interesting facts about Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most developed states of India. It falls in the western part of India. Its area is 1,960,24 square kilometres. Its 88% of the total population of Gujarat is Hindu, 10% are Muslim and 2% are from other religions. Gujarat’s coastline is approximately 1600 km, which is the largest in India.

India’s first port was built in Lothal town of Gujarat. Electricity is present in all the villages of Gujarat. There are 17 airports in Gujarat. 80% of the world’s diamonds are polished in Surat. Gandhinagar is the most urbanized city of Asia.

The capital of Gujarat was Ahmedabad, but later it was changed to Gandhinagar. In India, most vegetarians live in Gujarat as compared to other states. Famous brand of milk Amul Brad is from Gujarat only. The world’s largest crude oil refinery is in Jam Nagar of Gujarat.

There is a ban on alcohol in Gujarat. In Gujarat, cotton is also produced in which it is ranked number one all over India. Apart from this, it is also ranked number one in India in milk and salt production. Gir National Park is the only place where Asian Tiger is found.

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