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We all want to achieve a lot in our life. We all try our best to fulfill our wishes. But sometimes some of our wish remains unfulfilled even after lakhs of efforts. Today we are going to tell you one such remedy. So let’s know the ways of fulfillment of wishes, which you can do very easily in this Navratri.

Take some sesame oil, vermilion and coconut with hair. Now mix the mixture by adding oil to the vermilion and give it color to the whole coconut. Now recite the mantra ॐ ईं ह्रीं कं ह्रीं ईं ॐ 108 times in your mind.

Now you pray to Goddess Bhagwati to fulfill your wish. Do this for 7 days. After this, you throw this coconut in a river or running water. If you have the ability, you can also donate sweets or money to a priest or girl. By the grace of goddess Bhagwati, you will get good news soon.

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Shardiya Navratri: Simple way to fulfill unfulfilled wishes

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