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Today we are telling you about a plant that is considered the most favorite plant of Shani Dev. It is said that after winning Lanka, Shri Ram worshiped this plant.

Today we are talking about the Shami plant. Shami plant is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Shami plant is used in the worship of Goddess till Navratra. In the Mahabharata period, the Pandavas hid their weapons in the Shami tree in their exile.

One of the remedies to please Shani Dev is the worship of the Shami plant. It should be planted in the home and worshiped every Saturday.

The best date to plant Shami plant at your home is on Shani Jayanti. But, you can plant it at home on Saturday also. This plant should be planted in the northeast direction of your home. We pray that Shani Dev may bless everyone.

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Worshiping this favorite plant of Shani Dev never leads to poverty

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