#aazadikaamritmahotsav: Fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution to the citizens of India

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#aazadikaamritmahotsav: The citizens of India have been given some fundamental rights by the Constitution of India. This right any person, irrespective of religion, caste, or gender, provided that he should be an Indian. So let’s know about these fundamental rights.

Right for Freedom

Right for Freedom or Right to Freedom provides the right to freedom of speech to every Indian. Every Indian has the right to freedom of expression by the constitution.

Right for Freedom of Religion

Right for Freedom of Religion or Right to Religious Freedom is with every Indian. No one can force you to follow someone’s religion.

Right to Equality

Right to Equality or Right to Equality tells you to be equal citizens, equal rights. All citizens are equal in the eyes of the constitution.

Right against Exploitation

Right against Exploitation or Exploitation Right against Exploitation. You have a right given by the Constitution by which no person can exploit you physically or mentally.

Right to Constitutional Remedies

Right to Constitutional Remedies or Right to Constitutional Remedies gives you the right to remove the remedies provided by the Constitution.

Cultural and Educational Rights

Cultural and Educational Rights or Right to Culture and Education gives you the right to education and to know and enhance your cultural heritage.

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