Astrology: Know the personality and nature of women from their birthday

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It is said that no man can know the nature of women. But still there are some ways by which we can know about the nature of women to a great extent with accuracy. Today we are going to tell you about the nature of women through the day of their birth.


Such women who were born on Monday are beautiful in appearance. Such women are sweet speaking and intelligent. Such women get Raja Yoga. There is no dearth of happiness and prosperity in their life.


Such women who are born on Tuesday are hard hearted. The nature of such women is also a bit quarrelsome. Such women may not look thin in body, but they are very strong mentally.


Such women who are born on Wednesday are blessed with special blessings of goddess Saraswati, due to which such women achieve achievement in the field of education. Such women are beautiful in appearance and soft in nature. Women born on this day are proficient in many arts.


Such women who were born on Thursday are very virtuous in nature. Such women get higher education. These women never have any shortage of wealth. It is generally seen that such women are of peace loving nature. She is also very patient.


Such women who were born on Friday are of fickle nature. Such women like to have fun. Such women have a special place in the family. Such women are fortunate and their nature is very sweet. Such women are a little dark complexion but have charming.


Such women who were born on Saturday are physically slim. But their stature is high. Generally such women are of dark complexion. Such women also sometimes slander others. Because of this, their fights also keep happening.


Such women who were born on Sunday are of religious nature. Such women do charity and are of strong nature. These women get a lot of respect in the society. Such women also occupy high positions.

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