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Who is unaware of social media nowadays? There are hundreds of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and many more where a person keeps themselves busy. Most of us have used Facebook or Facebook groups. But do you know that there are some closed groups on Facebook who are extortionately raising money from the people on the name of joining of the closed group?

Actually, the matter came to light when a woman informed us about the incidence. The woman told that when she was trying to join a social media group WHOLESALE BAZAAR | DELHI | MUMBAI | CHENNAI | KOLKATA, she get a popup window, in which a mobile number was mentioned and asked to deposit 10 rupees in the form of a PAYTM transfer whereas usage of Facebook in India is completely free.

When our team examined the news, it was discovered that this news is completely true. When our team tried to get into this news, it was discovered that there are many more such accounts are activated on Facebook, which is extorting money on the name of joining the Facebook closed groups. Let us tell you that our team tried to contact Facebook about this story but no answer was found till now. Facebook does not charge anything to users other than their advertising services in India. It is unknown that the roots of this kind of rackets and where they are extending. Although you are requesting that you do not give money for any such free service as it is against Facebook’s policy and such groups can be closed at any time.

What do your opinion about the collection of such money on Facebook? Share your views by commenting.

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