How to know your blood group diseases

We are often very cautious about diseases in our lives. We never want to be sick nor any illness in our family. But even after we neither prevent ourselves nor anybody else from the disease. Even if we are living a healthy and good lifestyle, but if the disease is to happen, then it remains by itself.

Today we are going to tell you about some such diseases that can happen to you or anyone in your family based on the blood group. So let’s start.

Individuals with blood group A, B or AB have high blood pressure (high blood pressure), more chances of heart attacks. You will have to take precautions and regularize your diet.

Individuals other than O blood group are 80% more prone to various heart-related disease such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke etc. more than 80%.

If a person’s blood type is AB, then there may be the disease in the later stage of their life like a weakness of memory or even memory loss.

People with blood type A have more chances of having a fatal illness like cancer.

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