Makar Sankranti Special: Green garlic salt made to eat with peanuts

Green garlic salt is most prevalent in North India’s homes and it is most often eaten with peanuts. Apart from this, you can also use it with snacks, paratha or meals.


Wash coriander well with clean water and chopped it off. Leave it in a sieve for a while so that extra water is released. Now add this coriander to the grinder and add green chili, garlic, salt and finely chopped ginger into it and grind it fine.

Keep in mind that there is no use of water in it. After proper grinding, a thick green paste will be ready. Store it in an airtight glass jar and keep it. It will enhance its shelf life.


Coriander                  250 grams

Chilli                           12-15

Garlic                         1

Salt                             To taste

Ginger                       2 inches (optional)

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