There will be manifold increase in business by taking this measure

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Every trader wants that his business should grow. Whatever goods he sells, he should profit. But sometimes it happens that even if everything is right, the goods do not sell. The customer either does not come or comes and leaves without taking anything.

Today we are going to tell you such a remedy, after which the sales at any merchant’s showroom or shop will increase manifold. So let’s know about this sure fire remedy.

When you go to open your showroom or shop in the morning, then you open this mantra by chanting 7 times. “Om mahalakhtmai cha vidyahe vishnupatti cha dhimahi tanyo lakshmi prachodayat”. If you go to your shop late then you can chant this mantra at the time of worship. Also, you should take out the first morsel from your food for the crow or the cow.

If you do not want to do any of these, then you can also wear topaz or emerald. After doing these measures, your business will increase manifold.

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