Vastu: For a happy married life, immediately remove these items from your bedroom

Vastu: For a happy married life, immediately remove these items from your bedroom, bedroom vastu, #ekaansh, #ekaanshastro, ekaansh blog post
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Today we are going to tell you about those items which you can get rid of Vastu defects by removing them from your bedroom. By doing this, the married life of husband and wife becomes happy and happiness comes in their successful married life.

First of all, if the wash-basin in your bedroom is in the open, then it is a Vastu defect. This increases the distrust between husband and wife. And there is also conflict and tension amongst themselves. To fix this, you can separate the washbasin from your bedroom by putting on a curtain.

Second, if you take your guests to the bedroom of the house or the way to your living room goes through your bedroom, then this is also a Vastu defect. This creates distance between husband and wife. You separate your bedroom by putting on a wooden partition or curtain.

Third, if you keep things under your double bed, then this is also a type of Vastu defect. If possible, remove it from under the bed.

Fourth, if you have any defective electronic device or clock lying in your bedroom, then immediately remove it and put it in your storeroom or get it repaired.

Fifth, if you have a dressing table or mirror in front of your double bed, then either change its place or put cloth or curtain over it at night.

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