Vastu: Some kitchen mistakes become the reason for the person’s trouble

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Kitchen is not only related to your food and health, but also with Vastu. There are some mistakes in the kitchen which can cause poverty of a person. So let’s know what those mistakes are and how to avoid them!

Those people who have a temple in the kitchen in their house, are not only warm-minded, but someone in their family also suffers from a blood-related disease.

Remedy :

Remove the temple from the kitchen of the house as soon as possible.

In the house where the store is inside the kitchen, the owner of those houses has to face difficulties in his job or business.

Remedy :

Now you cannot remove the store, but in such a situation, you can keep a silver coin in the store. Also, try to keep the store organized.

The health of the people of the house where kitchen and bathroom are in the same line is not good.

Remedy :

Keep a bowl of salt in the bathroom and keep changing it every few days. By doing this, negative energy ends.

If your kitchen is in front of the main gate then it is inauspicious for the people of the house.

Remedy :

Put a curtain between the main gate and the kitchen. Try not to see the kitchen directly whenever a guest comes home.

If there is a water tank inside the kitchen, then there is a difference of opinion between the brothers.

Remedy :

In such a situation, you should hang the crystal over the water tank.

In the house where the kitchen is connected to the main gate, there are quarrels between husband and wife without any talk.

Remedy :

Put red crystals on the door of the kitchen. This will reduce the quarrels between husband and wife.

By going to the kitchen without taking a bath, the negative energy enters the kitchen and the members of the house remain irritable.

Remedy :

Try that whenever you are entering the kitchen in the morning, do not go into the kitchen without taking a bath.

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