How your intimate pictures and video reach to adult websites?

Summer vacation season is going on. Most of us will discover different places for an excursion. Either we go abroad or even to any hill station or any other tourist destination within the country. Be careful while moving to any changing room in a shopping mall, hotel rooms, and public washrooms even at petrol pumps as well. Your little bit careless attitude will put you in trouble.

One more thing, be careful with your gadgets. Nowadays people stole your smartphone, camera etc. and not only sell it, but also sell its data as well. There are so many websites available which pay a handsome amount to purchase your personal data. So if you have some personal/private data onto to your lost smartphone it will be showcased to any of these websites very soon. We are providing you some points to that you can follow and prevent yourself to face any kind of problem.

# While check-in to any hotel room first check out the room carefully, especially the mirrors, electronic devices including TV, geyser, air conditioner etc.

# Check the artwork on the walls, flower vase, or any other home décor accessories made up of glass.

# Check the bolt on the doors or windows, there are many spy cam in the market that looks like a nut-bolt.

# Don’t keep anything personal intimate images or videos while going for an excursion. If you want to have these memories then store them onto some external storage devices and put it in the same place.

# Use mobile and data protection apps, you will find them easily overplay store, so in case if you lose your smartphone then you can erase its data remotely. It will also help to locate your device.

# Don’t become a detective but be aware so that you will not face any awkward situations. Remember precaution is better than cure.

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