How a friendship plays vital role in marriage?

What do you do with your friend? You share each and every moment of your life with them. Your good as well as your bad moment. So why not with your spouse? Isn’t they your best friend of your life? If not make them your best friend. It will also help you to improve your relationship. Here are some ways to develop a healthy friendship with your spouse which will also help in your healthy marital relationship.

Dream together
A couple stuck in their day to day life of family and work they stop sharing about their hopes and dreams which they were talking about initially after marriage. Don’t do it. A friend always dreams together. Start talking about your hopes and dreams anytime like at a dinner table or during a drive or even when you are sitting on a bed.

Trust each other
You always trust your friend what they are doing or dreaming. Not only this you also believe them and also support them. So why not your spouse? Friends never doubt or ask about the benefits so as with your spouse also. Always try to uplift support and trust your partner as you do with your friend.

Spend some quality time
Friends always try to get together regularly, text regularly and hang out on their vacation. Also, they shop together or go to events, do party, enjoying a movie, dinner or other fun loving things. Do all this with your spouse also. Make your spouse your friend. All these activities doing together will not only makes you happy but also you get close to each other.

Open up and share
A friend always shares their feelings. They speak and listen to each other honestly. Share your healthy feelings with your spouse also. This will make up strong bonding between them. Always try to become a whole together.

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