How do make you partner desperate and missing you badly?

Remember that in a seduction game the one that throws the best strategies will be the winner. So you must behave cunningly so that your partner missing you badly and die to meet you. If you want that someone missing you badly then follow these tricks.

Don’t be as available all the time
You won’t be available all the time for your partner. Sometimes you must behave like you are very much busy. Do not respond their call as fast as you did, allow some calls to be missed.

Admire them a little all time
If your partner loves you to caress them their ego, then you can admire them a little and tell them to plan a date for you. You can miss any of the dates as per your comfort so that they plan it again for you as per your convenience.

Live your Life
Everyone wants that their partner is independent i.e. attainable but not always. You can put up any of your talent, skills or hobbies so they know you have a pleasant life away from him. That makes you desirable and worthy to catch.

Let them see you surrounded by people
To seeing you happy will make them want to be part of the scene. So don’t just be aware of the dates, take some time to be with your friends. So they will not only value you as someone who everybody wants to be close to, but they will miss you and will look forward to giving you those special moments.

Laugh on them and with them
Dare to send them funny and naughty messages, without telling them on the second line what you miss. Talk with freedom and grace. Let them propose you a new meeting when they miss you and cannot wait any longer.

Be funny and playful with them
Your partner will be pleased with someone who makes jokes, laugh at the world and even at them. Remembering those pleasant sensations will make them miss you and want to go for more.

Be an adventurous with them
That will make them miss you, wanting to know how well it was for you and what or who you met on your journey.

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Disclaimer: Recommendations and suggestions above are generic in nature. Be advised to consult a certified trainer or another professional before trying yourself.


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