How to do signature analysis?

Your signature style is capable to reveal about nature and personality. Here we are going to discuss various types of signature styles.

# People who include the first letter in capital and in a bigger size as compared to other letters in the signature are able to make their first impression at first meeting itself.

# People having a break just after a first letter in the signature has gap or fear in their initial communication.

# People have preferred to write the first name only and their surname and the family name is missing are generally self solely on their own growth. They have their own vision and they avoid friends or family guidance.

# People having the first letter limited to initials, second name or surname with all the details are making their first impression good but they are too much dependable on their parents. Their goal or vision is not too much priority in their life.

# People having legible signature are able to show their personality in public and enjoy the recognition, authority and quality aspect of their own work.

# People having curved and smooth signature are gentle, flexible, charming, outgoing and sociable.

# People having underscore below signature are confident and has a healthy ego. In case you start an underline just starting from your signature it means you are lucky in terms of your basic needs like food and clothing and also infrastructure as far as concerned.

# People having underline crossing the signature at a middle zone of letters are not able to justify to the outer world. By nature they are self-destructive d also have inner fear.

# People having many underline in their signature are doubt in own public worth or importance.

# People having to underline at upper zone or above the signature indicates spirituality or self-protectiveness, leadership traits or even intellectual drive.
# People having to underline below and above the signature always follow a predetermined line of actions.

# People have the first letter written in a small case with bigger size means that person is having usable skills beneficial for other but not for his own.

# People having large capitals show creativity and desire for greatness and pride.

# People have large bottom loops signifies for their strong desire for money, sexuality and material possession.

# People having small case letters shows that such person does not want public acceptance, pride, modest and tradition.

# People having ascending signature i.e. baseline going upside means that the person is ambitious, active and optimistic.

# People having descending signature means that the person is depressed, not goal oriented, pessimistic and fatigued.

# People having a dot follows signature signifies that they finalize the arguments or debates. They have some doubts in their own actions.

# Person having dot below underline shows that he is vigilant by nature while two dots signifies willing to get directed.

# Person having the middle name first is not able to make faithful friends or long lasting relationships. They give priority to their hobby and secondary actions.

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