How to convert your microSD card into smart phone internal memory?

Nowadays smart phone users suffer a lot with an internal memory full problem. Always there is a message blinking on the screen regarding clean-up internal memory space to get new messages or documents.

Now here we are providing you some tricks so that you can use your micro SD card as a smart phone internal memory. You only have to follow these steps and get sorted.

# Check the operating system of your android phone. If it supports marshmallow or higher version then the following steps are for you. In case your phone is having some lower version then try to upgrade it to marshmallow.

# After checking your operating system go to the phone setting, then go to storage and then USB setting.

# Now select portable storage then locate your microSD card, then just tap on it. You get four options

# These four options are ejected, format, format as internal and move media. You have to select format as an internal option.

After completing the process just restart your smart phone and bingo! Your phone is ready to get more data onto this extra space.

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