How to protect your relationship forever?

Everyone needs love, support, and care of their partners but we did not get it many times. And then we start thinking that how can we hypnotize our partner. Do you think and believe in such stupid things? Instead of going through such nonsense things try to understand the real problem and sought out it psychologically.

When our partner avoids us i.e. like he/she is not talking properly to us or do not pick calls instead they are spending their time with others or on talking phones with other. We start thinking that they are cheating us or had they find someone else or are they getting bored of us etc.

And after that, we also start interpreting the answers from our partner. Like maybe he/she is busy with his / her work or they get bored with us or they want to leave us and get rid of us. People start living with their interceptions and also start believing in it. Afterwards, they start living with such beliefs which are not true and only their perceptions and they made them true without listening to their partner words.

So please avoid your ego and better to communicate with each other properly to overcome your fear and clear your doubts. When you both communicate then you are able to clear your misunderstandings. The best way is to take a short break and both the partners should pay attention to their hobbies or other things through which they are able to overcome their stress level. When both the partners are stress-free then only they should communicate with each other to sort out their problems and misunderstandings.

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