Top 10 low cost business ideas for tech savvy!

In today’s scenario, many people do not satisfy with their current job or position and they want to start their own business. But the main problem is that they do not have sufficient funds to start a business to its own. Yeah, it is difficult for anybody to put all his or her investment in a business as a gamble without knowing the pros and cons of it. Remember one thing if you want to get success in your life then you will have to take a risk. And when you take a calculated risk then there is very less chance of failure. We are here providing you top 10 business ideas for tech-savvy or technical people which you can start from your home and require a minimum investment.

Web developer

The very first business we suggest you are a web developer. You can start your website development work at your home or garage. It only requires a computer/laptop and an internet connection. Today many companies or individuals want to mark presence their business on the internet. And they want a website for it. As a freelancer, you can provide your services at low cost. Remember you should provide the quality work in a stipulated time to increase your credibility. You can also expend it to a Graphic designer, Web Design etc.

Online / Offline Tutor

Another business idea is of Online / Offline tutor. You can start this business at very low investment cost too. For this, you only have to be a master in one of the subject. You will only have to deliver your knowledge. Once your name establishes in the market then you can earn a handsome amount from this business. You can also expend it design an Online Course for the students for that you can put some charges. You can also write your e-book too.

Affiliate Marketing and Sales

Everybody knows that the e-commerce business is at the boom. These e-commerce giants provide an affiliate marketing options. You can also earn good amount from affiliate marketing and sales of their products from your platform.

Virtual Assistant

Now a day’s people need an assistant to provide services. You can assist them virtually. Many websites are available online through which you can provide your services after registration. And those who avail your services will pay you from the same platform. You can provide content writing services too.


If you are good in writing then you can start your blog. Your blog will be on any topic either on food, recipes, traveling, technology etc. You can start writing on anything or topic on which you are comfortable.

Tax Preparation

If you are from commerce background having computer knowledge, then you can start your tax preparer business. People want that anybody will take care of all the hazel involves in tax filing. You can prepare the tax and return to generate money. After GST implementation there is a huge requirement of GST consultant and tax filer.

Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the strongest media of communication. It has also been utilized for branding. You can start a campaign in this digital world for your client to increase their sales and revenues and earn a good profit.

Landing Page Specialist

You can provide a service to bring traffic to your client website using a landing page. If you are having good knowledge in this field then you can earn a good income from this.

App Development

As today smartphone is available in every bodies pocket. If you are good in app development either in Android or iPhone platform than you can develop some utility and put it on play store. If your app will be liked by other people then you will get a good amount on downloads.

Resume Writing

You can also start your Resume Writing business. Many freshers want to apply for a job but they do not know how to write a resume effectively. In this case, you can provide resume writing service to these target audience and earn money.

Tip of the day: To minimize the risk factor never put all your eggs in one basket.

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Disclaimer: Recommendations and suggestions above are generic in nature. Be advised to consult a registered certified trainer or another professional before trying yourself.


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