Get prepared to grab the opportunity

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In our society, most of the people will start working on the plans when they had already been missed the opportunity. On the other hand, successful people always prepared and be ready to grab the opportunity and become successful.

We are here explaining this with a true story. A few years back when former Indian cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu went to the cricket ground in Punjab and asked the team who are doing practising over there to bowl him. Then a lean and thin guy come out from them to a bowl. After seeing this 16-17-year-old guy, Sidhu refused to play against this young chap.

But as he insisted on Sidhu, he will ready to play. When this guy through the first bowl it was completely beat the Sidhu, the second bowl hit at the chest of Sidhu. Sidhu realised that one day this young fellow will definitely play in Indian Cricket Team.

harbhajan singh #ekaansh

Do you know the name on this young chap? He is one the famous spin bowler better known for his “DUSRA” the “Turbinator” Harbhajan Singh. Critics scathing Harbhajan Singh and called him as a lucky guy as after bowling to Sidhu, he was selected for State Team and soon he is selected in Indian Cricket Team. But nobody saw the hard work and the practice of several hours daily that Harbhan had to perform before he gets the opportunity to bowl against Navjot Singh Sidhu.

So you will always be prepared for big things in life as you may get opportunity anytime anywhere. So get ready to grab the opportunity.

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