How many types of dreams you see?

Every person in this world will dream. There is the only difference in its frequencies. Here we are giving a description about dreams you will have with all of its types.

# Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is one where we know about our dream and can even control it like running, flying etc.

# Premonition Dreams
If we can know about our future with the help of dreams then it is categorized as premonition dreams.

# Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
During the dream in most of the cases, our body is getting paralyzed. This stage is called Rapid Eye Movement or REM.

# Sleep Walk
As discussed above in REM, where our body is paralyzed, this is the exception condition where our whole body will move. For eg. Lee Hardwin the famous artist draw beautiful sketches while he is sleeping.

# Animal Dreams too
It’s strange but yes it is true that animals also dream. Don’t get panic if you found your pet making sound or movement.

# Blind people dream too
Those persons who are not blind by birth are also dreaming. But those who are blind by birth dream very less as their other senses will much stronger.

# Faces we only know
Sometimes we see those faces in our dreams whom we cannot recognize at that time. But it is scientifically proven that whatever the faces we see in dreams had been seen by us at least once in our lifetime.

# Black and white dreams
Not every dream is colorful, people may also watch the dreams in black and white too. According to a study a few years back when we watched black and white TV at that time 12 out of 100 people was dreaming in black and white while in today’s scenario its count reduces to 4 out of 100.

# Gender difference
Dreams are gender biased. Males see more men in their dream rather than women on the other hand females see both equally.

# You always dreams
If a person tells that he/she never dream then it’s quite normal because every person sees dreams and around 60% of them forget when they wake up.

# Negative dreams
People see negative dreams more than positive dreams contain sorrow, sadness, fear etc.

# Dreams frequency
A normal person will dream around 4-7 dreams per night, out of which 90% dreams we forget.

# Unlucky snorers
There is a myth that while a person is snoring will not dream

# Dream tenure
The total dream tenure in life is around 6 years of our life.

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