Revealing the History of Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is located in the heart of Lake Maal-sagar of Jaipur. It is a grand palace This palace is about 300 years old. This palace was built by King of Amer in 1799. After the arrival of drought in the 15th century, the king constructed it. The king constructed a dam to collect the water coming from the hills. Later, the king used to come on the boat to come and spend some time in this lake.

The comfort and peace that he got from the water of the lake gave him a peace of mind and he wanted this peace forever. Only then the king decides that after Ashwamedh Yagya he will be staying in a palace built in the middle of this lake. In this way, the palace was built. This palace is five-storey and its grandeur is made only after seeing it. Four floors of this palace are inside the water and only one floor appears over the water.

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