Shardiya Navratri Special: Know how to remove the poverty

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We all want that there should be happiness and prosperity in our house. But sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, we commit some mistakes, due to which there comes poverty and poverty in our house. Today we are going to tell you some such Vaastu tips, after which the poverty and poverty will go away from your house forever.

Home Entrance

Make the main entrance of your house either in the north or east direction. North direction brings good career and money. Whereas the eastern direction brings peace of mind.

Direction of Prosperity

The west or south-west direction in the house is considered to be the direction of money and prosperity. Always keep this direction clean and tidy and if the safe is to be kept then this direction is the best.

Avoid Red Color

Never paint the kitchen and toilet of your house red. Also, never keep brooms etc. here put money plant at home.

You should plant money plant in your house. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also auspicious according to Vaastu. If possible, set up a money plant in your workplace as well.

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