Want to shine your luck, wear this metal ring

Image Source: Ekaansh

All of us keep on taking various measures to shine our luck. According to palmistry, the thumb of our hand is related to the planet Venus.

Jupiter and Venus are considered responsible for the comforts in your life. Venus and its friends are responsible for the progress in your life. For example, Saturn, Mercury, and Rahu are considered friendly planets of Venus. If for some reason this planet is not in a good position, then the planet Venus can never give good results.

Due to the bad position of the planet Venus, there is a bad effect on the health, intelligence, and wealth of the person. Also, it makes your life miserable. Venus is also considered responsible for your family relationships. If the planet Venus is adversely affecting you, then there will be trouble in your family.

The metals of Venus are silver and platinum. If you wear a ring made of these metals in your thumb, then you can get auspicious results from the planet Venus. It also works the negative energy coming into your life.

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