What are the issues and problems faced by couples

Every married couple has many types of problem in their married life. Some of them can be avoided, fixed or even can be resolved using various techniques and methods. Some common problems in married life are:

Sexual Differences
One of the most common problems faced by couples is losing the interest among them during intercourse. Many people thought that only women undergo such experience, but it is not true as men also experience it. While in other cases it might be possible that one of the partners may prefer some different kind of sexual things which makes another partner uncomfortable during libido.

Life Stages
If the couples are having significant age differences then they might suffer from life stages problem as their maturity level may differ in most of the cases. This will bring contradiction, arguments, and disbelief as both of them having the different point of view for the same scenario or situations.

Infidelity is very much common among married people. It means cheating your partner, having an emotional affair, long or short term affairs and also internet relationships. Many couples are struggling with this problem.

Moral values and belief
If both of the partners coming from different religion or belief then it is much obvious of differences and disagreement between them. For e.g. it might be possible that one of the partners used to go their worship places regularly or likes to go there while another one is not interested in it.

It is most common among couples which ruin their married life. Jealously is necessary for both partner but excess in it becomes a big problem to deal with. For e.g. if any of the partners used to ask about others phone calls, friends or to whom other one going to meet with all the time with lots of question as well, it will become problematic.

Traumatic Situations
This is another problem through which married couple goes with. For some such situation become very problematic because one spouse may not know how to handle the problem alone. For instance, if one of the partners is in the hospital or on bed rest or becomes dependent on the other one then their partner has to take care of each and everything along with their spouse. Sometimes this pressure is too great to handle with and also responsibilities are too much to deal with.

This is such a common problem through which every couple goes with at least once. There are many causes for stressed such as financial problem. The family problem, office problem or physical illness. Stress should be managed otherwise it may be responsible for many other things.

Some couples get tired of their relationships or those things which occur regularly. Try to change it or regulate it otherwise there may be deficiencies of spontaneous activities which leads to boredom in the relationship and it will create a great problem.

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