Why not eat defiled food

We all eat food, but according to the scriptures, it is considered taboo to consume defiled food of any person. In Hinduism, food has got divine status. For this reason, most Hindu families are added to worship before the meal and are also thanked for giving food to God. The goddess of food is also called Devi Annapurna.

Making food is taken care of his purity and integrity, but while eating food, we should take care of its purity too. The food should always be made with clean hands and environment. Watching TV, listening to music and talking while eating is considered taboo. Defiled food eating of a person is also considered taboo.

Many people say that the love increases by eating defiled food, but it is not right from anywhere. According to the scriptures, by eating defiled food instead of the increase in love in their relationship, the misfortune of that person is definitely begun. The speech of such people becomes very scary and the affection between the relations starts decreasing. Negative energy is circulated around such people. Even in the family, there is a lot of compilation etc. These people are suffering from the deficiency of money.

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