How to deal with YouTube Advertiser Friendly Content Policy?

You Tube has launched their new Advertiser Friendly Content Policy a few days back. This policy is clearly stated that the content is appropriate for all audiences. It does not contain any inappropriate content or any video stream, thumbnails or even the meta-data like a title of the content. The data must not be to shock or offend the audience and the content is usually informative, newsworthy, comedic and is intended to entertain or informative to audiences. It directly means that You Tube will not be monetized such videos which fall under restricted content categories.

What is inappropriate content for advertising?
YouTube had given clear guidelines regarding the inappropriate content for advertising. The inappropriate or not advertiser-friendly content includes, but is not limited to:

#1. Any content which is sexually suggestive, which contains partial nudity and sexual humor or contain some sort of porn.

#2. Content having any kind of violence includes a display of serious accidents, incidents, injuries and even related to violent extremism.

#3. Content having a promotion of drug and regulated substances including use, selling and abuse of such items.

#4 Content having sensitive or controversial subjects related to political conflicts, war, tragedies, natural calamities or disasters even if graphics or imaging form.

You Tube is having full right reserved for any video for eligibility for monetization or not!

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